Workouts for Busy Moms

There’s no denying it; life has a way of getting in the way of your fitness goals. With a baby at home, a full-time job, and a social life, it can be hard to fit in a workout between drop-offs and feedings. When you’re juggling the rigors of parenting with a full-time job, the last thing you want to worry about is the time you spend at the gym. 

Even though you love to exercise, taking the time to work out can end up being an afterthought. Before you know it, a few extra pounds are piling up, and you’ve wasted your time on the treadmill when you had so much to do. How can you work out while parenting? We’ve got some workout ideas that work for busy moms.


This is a high burn streamline workout to get you going. It takes a significant focus on the cardiovascular system and improving your overall aerobic ability. The main objectives around the exercise are tailored to beginners. Given 30 second reps and 2-minute rest breaks, it should take about 15 minutes to complete. This time is for absolute beginners but can be done faster as one progresses. The leading muscle group targeted is the thighs and glutes. To get going, you need an arms-length of space around you. 


Morning glory is a full-body workout that is suitable for beginners. It is, by nature, a high burn streamline exercise that targets most of the muscles on your body. Especially the larger ones. This is great to get going in the morning. It brings to life the cardiovascular system and awakens the lungs. If you are a beginner, this should take you a maximum of 25 minutes to complete, given 2-minute rest periods between workouts. If you cannot make it to the gym, this is the perfect alternative for home. This is because only a tiny workout space is required. 

Perfect Storm

This workout has its focus on mobility. Issues like coordination and balance are well dealt with in this high burn streamline workout. It has a meager difficulty rating and is quite perfect for beginners. It is excellent for the morning because it will give you better facial and core fitness. The workout also engages your cardiovascular system as well as improves your aerobic performance. It targets the main muscles required for movement. This includes your quads, glutes, and abs. For those in a rush, it should take you no more than 10 minutes to finish. 


This is an exciting and fast workout to get your legs ready for the day ahead. Moms often do a lot of walking, which is an excellent way to keep those legs toned and ready. It has been designed for beginners, so there is no need to worry if you have not worked it out in a while. It will help to get some rhythm back into your heart by activating your cardiovascular system. If you can spare it, this 15 minutes a day will help you get back into your workout flow.

Show Time

This is a workout that will get you looking fit and ready for the day. It has a low difficulty rating and will help you improve your overall posture. It will get some air in your lungs and help you improve your aerobic performance. The main muscles that are targeted in this scenario are the thighs and core. These muscles are vital to the body being able to carry itself easily. That is why this is an excellent workout for moms who are always on their feet. It is a prolonged and soothing exercise that will take you about 15 minutes to finish. 


This workout has been designed to help release any tension that your body may be feeling after a tough week. We all have days like that, and this workout has been designed to stretch the whole body. It will activate your inner strength and provide you with some natural revitalization. It is excellent to help improve your breathing. It will also help you to be more conscious and mindful throughout the day. This can be quite a necessary morning workout, given the everyday stresses of the day. To get started, you only need a yoga mat’s worth of space and 10 minutes. 

Time of my life

This is a very motivational and positive workout that should not take you longer than 15 minutes to complete. It is a very inspiring high burn streamline exercise that gets the brain to reward movement. It will get your heart pumping and clean out your lungs from last night’s air. It targets the sections of your body that trigger neural centers in your mind. This should have you feeling fresher and awake throughout the rest of the day. You will get a maximum rest time of 2 minutes, making it easier to go through as a beginner. 

Full Counter

This is an excellent and steady option for mothers looking for a nice way to improve their self-defense skills at home. It is a full-body exercise that focuses on movement and creating a sharp mind. It combines a host of high-quality combat moves that any beginner can try. This will help you feel more secure and self-confident in everything you do for the day. The main muscles targeted in this scenario would be the front and back of the thighs. Twenty-five minutes is the maximum time you would need to get this done. 

I love squats.

Are you looking for an option to activate your cardiovascular system and improve your lower body strength? This workout can be your go-to. This is for moms who have a bit of a fitness background and want to step it up again. It will test you, but you can expect better balance and coordination in a brief period. You will mainly be focusing on your tone and your strength. A high-intensity workout should be done in about 15 minutes with 2-minute rest time in between sets. 

Arm Lift

This is a great workout to get some tone going in your upper body. It is suitable for beginners and will help work out your triceps and biceps. It is effortless to forget to work on your upper body, which will help you develop some control and do things. It should not take you more than 15 minutes to do and is one of the more straightforward exercises for your body to adapt to over time. Within a brief period, you should see rapid improvements and results. 

Princess Workout

This is a super fun, high-intensity workout recommended for moms who have a bit of experience in their bag. It should electrify your cardiovascular system and get your blood pumping with oxygen-intensive activity. It targets a wide selection of large muscle groups and is an excellent exercise for those days when you want to get into it. This exercise takes about 20 minutes to complete if you are taking two-minute rest breaks. To achieve this all, you need a little bit of space and a determined mindset.

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