A Couch to 10K Training Plan for Busy Moms

A Couch to 10K Training Plan for Busy Moms

Once upon a time, I wrote about running. I regularly trained for and ran half marathons with a marathon or two thrown in for good measure. Lately though, not so much, but I’m hoping to change that with this couch to 10K training plan. 

Some new moms seem to be able to jump right back into training for long distance races, but since having Emme (cough2 years ago-cough), it hasn’t even been on my radar. As a slow runner, even “just a half marathon is a time-intensive endeavor, so training has made its way down the priority list — way down, more like, completely off the list. And, if I’m being honest, I simply haven’t been in the mindset to run long distances.

Yet, I’ve been pretty active since Emme turned one. I prioritize working out because it is my “me time,” and I find that interval training gives me the most bang for my hour-or-less buck. I also typically run or run/walk once or twice a week for 20-30 minutes. And somehow, I’ve managed to finish a handful of 5Ks over the last year, even logging my fastest 5K time in years at 32:13. (I am aware that this sounds 0 percent impressive, but I was pretty happy with myself.)

Lately though, I’ve been wanting to do something a bit longer than a 5K. Not too big, you know, because I have to have enough time in the day to be a mom, take care of myself, work, shower (haha, not really), and sleep. So I’m planning to run the Frank Lloyd Wright 10K on October 19 in Oak Park, and to get ready I’ve put together a three-days-a-week, Couch to 10K training plan that takes into account my schedule and my desire to continue doing a couple of circuit workouts a week.


Couch to 10K Training Plan for Busy Moms

Do you plan on running any races this year? How do you find time to train?

And, if you’re not interested in running, you might want to try this super simple, 25-minute walking workout and check out how other moms make time for fitness.

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